Free Animal Adoptions in Boston

Boston has many locations that offer pet adoptions. Still, many places are known to overcharge and then add on fees for all of the health care that is required to adopt the animal. Luckily, many places offer animals for adoption for free or require a fee that covers all of the required medical care. Some even throw in fear pet supplies like flea and tick prevention, heartworm medication, tags, microchips, leashes, and carriers.

Animal Rescue League of Boston

Animal Rescue League of Boston has a rather strict application process. To qualify for adoption, proof of homeownership or contact information for a landlord must be supplied. They also require up to date vet records for those who already have any pets, as well as an application process. Although not everything is free, adoption fees start at $25 and go up to $155. The cost is not for the adoption itself and covers things like health screening, vaccinations, spaying or neutering and veterinary care for the first few weeks (this alone often costs a few hundred dollars). It also usually includes anything health-related that occurs from shelter related illnesses, microchip ID and registration, heartworm test, and prevention medications, deworming, and a tag and collar, with either a leash or a carrier. This fee saves the new pet owner hundreds of dollars on necessary supplies for their new pet.

  • Animal Rescue League of Boston
  • 10 Chandler Street
  • (617) 426-9170

Craigslist Boston

Craigslist Boston has lots of people in the Boston area that have animals that they are trying to find homes for. It’s common for people to need to find a home for their pets when they move to a new apartment that doesn’t allow pets or to have a pet that gives birth to a new litter. Many times they want to find their pet a new home and aren’t interested in trying to sell their pet. Another great tip is to browse the site for pet supplies; many people are giving away pet supplies after giving up their own pet.

  • Craigslist Boston

Boston Animal Control

Boston Animal Control works similarly to the Animal Rescue League. Fees for adopting an animal start at around $25 and go up to around $125. The fee is to pay for a physical exam, neutering or spaying, deworming, rabies vaccination, distemper vaccination, microchip ID for dogs. Those that adopt a puppy or kitten can also finish all of their heartworm tests at this location, as well as the rest of their puppy or kitten shots. The application process can be started on their website by clicking on the “Adopt a Pet” section.

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