Morty’s bedroom (Rick and Morty) (1/2)

The most popular animated program of the modern era is Rick and Morty, if not the most popular.

There are currently 60+ episodes planned for the show due to its popularity.

The intelligent sci-fi sitcom that isn’t afraid to resort to potty humor has won the hearts of both young and old viewers.

Morty’s bedroom perfectly captures the nerdy teen’s hyperactive mind.
Geekishly placed next to a poster of “Darth Buddha” (also available as a statue!) are posters of a bikini-clad lady and the idea of magnetism.
However, the childish designs are painted over damaged and cracked concrete walls, perhaps allude to the shadows that underlie Rick and Morty’s voyage.
Without having to tear down and rebuild any walls, you can achieve a similar look in your own house by using a concrete finish effect.

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