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How can I decorate my kids bedroom?

Daughter’s Bathroom in a Princess Theme ?

Having a separate bathroom for the exclusive use of the younger members of the household has many benefits. The most obvious benefit is that the main bathroom stays cleaner, longer, for the adult members of the home as well as for guests.

A less thought about interest is that the child’s bathroom can decorating a theme that appeals to them, which makes taking baths and other necessary hygiene tasks a little more appealing.

If your daughter is crazy about princesses and has the luxury of having her own bathroom in your home, use these decorating ideas to give her a fun and beautiful princess-themed bathroom.

Princess Bathroom Decorating Ideas: Walls. 

A light pink or purple colored paint on the bathroom walls will provide a beautiful backdrop for the princess decor. Several stenciled princess crowns can applying to the walls in eye-catching areas such as over the towel rack, above the toilet, and on the bathroom door. Wall stickers in the likenesses of the Disney princesses such as Cinderella and Snow White can easily applied to the bathroom walls. Check the packaging to be sure that the humidity of the bathroom will not affect the product’s ability to stick to the walls.

Princess Bathroom Decorating Ideas: Curtains, Bath Rugs And Shower Curtain.

Use the primary paint color you chose for your daughter’s princess bathroom to choose the window curtains, shower curtain, and rug set. Lavender and white will go wonderfully with light purple walls, while a deep rose will beautifully complement pink walls. Avoid selecting all-white bathroom decorating accessories as these will get dirty quite fast and give the princess bathroom a dirty look.

Princess Bathroom Decorating Ideas: Princess Bath Set. 

Many discount department stores, including Five Below, carry princess-themed bath sets, which include a soap dish, a wastepaper basket, and a toothbrush holder. A pretty princess themed bathroom necessity set will ensure your daughter has all the items she needs to keep the bathroom neat and organized.

Princess Bathroom Decorating Ideas: Choose Her Favorite Princess And Make Her A Fun Part Of The Room! 

If your daughter is partial to Cinderella, place her Cinderella dolls on a shelf in the bathroom. If Ariel is her favorite, several framed pictures of the sea princess will look lovely in the bathroom. Acknowledge your daughter’s favorite Princess by including images and decor items of her.

Princess Bathroom Decorating Ideas: Princess Bath Towels. 

Walmart, Kmart, and Target all have a vast selection of Princess themed bath towels and washcloths with images of the Disney princesses as well as solid-colored towels with the words “Princess” and jeweled crowns on them. Use several of these towels to hang on the towel rack to add to the decor of the room as well as provide your daughter a cozy way to dry off after a bath or shower.

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