A look at a child’s game called Fairyland

Kids are often overlooked when it comes to games. Either they get stuck having to play adult-oriented games, which may or may not be appropriate for them, or they get edutainment types of games, games in which they can learn something. Well, in my experience, kids like to waste time playing games in much the same way adults do. There will always be time for learning but let’s take some time for some fun.

Given that, game developer Alwar has given the world Fairyland. Fairyland is designed for younger children, possibly as young as four but certainly no older than 6. The game is a pretty straightforward Mario rip-off. That’s not necessarily a bad thing.

Fairyland has some very attractive graphics. Everything is crisp and clean and very easy to distinguish. All of this makes life easy on the younger eyes. There is not a lot going on at any one time, and this too makes life easy for the younger set.

The hero of Fairyland is a very cute little witch. It is her job to rid Fairyland of the invading enemies by jumping on them! Little Dragons and various other critters are after this little witch and she, with her incredible jumping powers and a little bit of witch-type powers, is entrusted to dispatch each of these to move to the next level.

Control is handled through the keyboard and is very easy for any young child to pick up. The cursor keys are used to move your character from left to right, and the up key allows our cute little witch to jump. Pressing the space bar allows the witch to use her magic wand to turn an enemy into a cupcake, for example. Kicking the cupcake off a ledge eliminates that enemy.

On occasion, bonus items will pop up and allow you to gain extra points by gathering these items. This can add to the challenge of the game for the younger set.

While it has been a while since I was a 6-year-old child, I believe that this game, Fairyland, is something most young kids would enjoy – at least for a period of time. It might be a good diversion and might also help keep your children busy until they are a wee bit older and can play games of a bit more complexity.

It won’t cost you anything but time to find out if your child will like it, it offers a free download from the Alwar site. While at the site you’ll find many other games that might be of interest to your child. The downloads are free, and the games have, I believe, a 15 day trial period before you need to give out your credit card number to get the whole game.

What do you think?

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