6 well-known cartoon characters' bedrooms are depicted as they may seem in real life by interior designers.

Animated TV series creators help us escape mundane reality by transporting us to new imaginary worlds where anything is possible.

They show us unique cartoon characters we would never meet in real life, and what better way to get to know them than to see their bedrooms?

One thing is certain: popular cartoon bedrooms are exempt from physics laws, allowing creators to let their imaginations run wild!

Budget Direct collaborated with NeoMam Studios to bring six creative, often bizarre, room ideas from popular cartoons to life and demonstrate that they can actually inspire some people for their next home renovation!

After all, who wouldn’t want a fantasy-inspired room design that looks like it came straight from a favorite series?

The team carefully selected Morty’s bedroom from Rick and Morty, Tina Belcher’s bedroom from Bob’s Burgers, Serena Tsukino’s bedroom from Sailor Moon, Doug Funnie’s bedroom from Doug, Glimmer’s bedroom from She-Ra and the Princess of Power, and Finn the Human’s bedroom from Adventure Time as fan-favorite TV shows from the past and present.

The goal was to create realistic renderings that were as close to the 2D animated versions as possible, with a few additions and practical changes to give these interior designs a realistic look and feel.

We are confident that you will enjoy these activities!

#1 Morty’s bedroom (Rick and Morty)

The most popular animated program of the modern era is Rick and Morty, if not the most popular.

There are currently 60+ episodes planned for the show due to its popularity.

The intelligent sci-fi sitcom that isn't afraid to resort to potty humor has won the hearts of both young and old viewers.

Morty's bedroom perfectly captures the nerdy teen's hyperactive mind.
Geekishly placed next to a poster of "Darth Buddha" (also available as a statue!) are posters of a bikini-clad lady and the idea of magnetism.
However, the childish designs are painted over damaged and cracked concrete walls, perhaps allude to the shadows that underlie Rick and Morty's voyage.
Without having to tear down and rebuild any walls, you can achieve a similar look in your own house by using a concrete finish effect.

#2 Serena Tsukino’s bedroom (Sailor Moon)

"Sailor Moon continues to inspire people all across the world and has made $13 billion in sales. A shjo (i.e., geared at female adolescent) manga series was originally the source material for this vibrant anime, which guys also like. Sailor Moon, the head of the Sailor Soldiers, can be changed into by schoolgirl Serena Tsukino, who possesses this ability. Bright pink dominates her bedroom. She can sit on her tatami mat to study or make plans at the traditional Japanese chabudai table in this room. A more meditative approach to life is supposedly encouraged by this method of working and living.

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