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How to Have a Successful Garage Sale

After cleaning up household clutter, many people like to have a garage sale to get rid of any excess. Not only can a yard or rummage sale reduce clutter, but it can be a way to raise some extra cash. Maximize the de-cluttering and money-making potential of a garage sale with these tips.

Participate in a Community Garage Sale Day

Many communities have garage sale days. These are usually heavily advertised and are often a yearly tradition, so they tend to draw a lot of shoppers. The key to a successful garage sale is to increase sales traffic. The more people there are at the event; the more likely sales will be brisk. Take advantage of a neighborhood sponsored yard sale event to maximize sales.

Advertise the Yard Sale

Even if the garage sale is part of a community event, it’s still wise to advertise it. This is especially true if the yard sale is located on a side street that might not draw as much traffic as the main road during a community-wide garage sale. List the rummage sale in the local paper or on Craig’s List a few days before the event. On the day of the sale, put signs directing customers to the sale at the end of the street.

Set Reasonable Prices on Rummage Sale Items

Over-priced merchandise is a turn-off for garage sale shoppers. Customers are also put off by a lack of prices on merchandise. It’s aggravating to have to ask the seller what the price is for every item. Either tag each item individually or set up tables with signs that declare each item on that table is a certain price. For example, to save time pricing items, many people have $1.00 tables at rummage sales.

Organize Garage Sale Merchandise

Items that are for sale at a garage sale don’t need to be displayed like they are in a department store. But, there should be some kind of logical organization. It’s not conducive to good business to throw everything in a jumble on a table or the ground. Keep like items together, hang clothing and try to make it easy for customers to scan the items to find what they want quickly.

Having a successful garage sale requires shoppers. To get the most traffic for sale, participate in a community rummage sale event and advertise. Keep the prices reasonable and organize the merchandise to increase sales further.

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