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Air Dry Clothes and Save Money and Energy

Clotheslines and Drying Racks

Electric and gas clothes dryers are energy-guzzling appliances, costing the average household more than $100 each year. Coupled with the wear and tear a tumbling dryer can wreak on your clothes, many frugal families opt to dry their clothes the natural way. Save money, prolong the life of your clothes and work out those arm and shoulder muscles by hanging your clothes on a clothesline or drying rack.

Outdoor clotheslines no longer grace many suburban backyards or span the courtyard of a city apartment complex. Greater attention given to reducing our energy use may help bring these airdrying wonders back into the sunlight.

The following are some clotheslines and clothes drying racks ranging from simple rope pulleys to innovative multi-level racks.

Rope and Pulley Clothesline Kit from the Clothesline Shop

Save some steps with a clothesline pulley system. The steel pulleys in this kit allow you to hang your laundry while standing in one spot. After the pulley and rope system is attached to two supports, simply pin one piece of wet clothes to the line and pull on the rope to access an empty segment of clothesline for your next piece of laundry. Repeat this process in reverse when the clothes are dry. This system can hang 50 feet of laundry on one line. Price: $39.99, includes shipping.

Six-Line Outdoor Retractable Clothesline from eClothesdryers

Keep your clothesline tucked away when not in use with this outdoor retractable clothesline. Six vinyl-coated lines offer 200 feet of drying space. Extend the clotheslines to a hook on another wall or a post and turn the handle to lock the lines taut. Price: $44.95, FedEx ground shipping varies.

Sunline Umbrella Outdoor Clothes Dryer from Gillroys

This folding umbrella clothes dryer takes up little space when it’s not laundry day. The galvanized steel post and aluminum upper umbrella-shaped structure support a sturdy 165 inches drying area. Ships fully pre-strung and features easy setup. This 6-foot-tall umbrella outdoor clothes dryer also rotates for easy loading. Price: $38.99, shipping, UPS shipping varies.

Wooden Clothes Drying Rack from Abundant Earth

Dubbed the “Mt. Everest,” this rack dries mountains of clothes and is made from rescued mill-end wood that would otherwise be chipped and burned. The Mt. Everest rack folds in a variety of configurations and includes a top that lays flat to dry sweaters or other fine garments. The rack is 30 inches wide, 48 inches tall, 31 inches deep and features 56 feet of drying space. Price: $79.95, UPS/FedEx Ground shipping varies

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